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The FIA has set the general framework for the resumption of racing in this post-lockdown period. Sanitary safety is the keyword, with the result that the simple rules must be strictly adhered to. As with all FIA Karting Competitions this year, wearing a protective mask and respecting physical distance will be the basis of the new protocols to be adopted during the race weekends.

Only the individual awareness of everyone will lead to the collective effectiveness of these measures, with the short term future of Karting Competitions being at stake (find more about the sanitary guidelines at Zuera below the article).

Main info & figures

  • Name: 2020 FIA Karting European Championship Round 1
  • Federation: CIK-FIA
  • Promoter: RGMMC Group
  • Organizer: CDE Zuera Racing
  • ASN: Real Federacion Espanola de Automovilismo
  • Classes: 2 (OK, Junior)
  • Drivers: 183
  • Countries: 43
  • Tires: LeCont
  • Engines: IAME, TM Racing, Vortex, Modena


Since the last CIK-FIA competition for direct-drive classes was organized at Zuera in 2016, the circuit will represent a relatively new experience for the current drivers. The majority of entrants still had the opportunity to get used to the tricks of the Spanish layout at the opening round of Champions of the Future.

Located in the north of Spain, between Bilbao and Barcelona, the International Karting Circuit of Zuera offers a unique challenge due to its fast and open layout, the longest on the season, made of 15 turns. The high speeds and flowing corners make maintaining speed crucial and smooth driving is required to extract the best lap times around the circuit.

  • Name: Zuera International Circuit
  • Location: Zuera, Spain
  • Rotation: Clockwise
  • Length: 1700 m
  • Width: 8-10 m
  • Corners: 15 (right: 9, left: 6)
  • Straight lines: 4

Weather forecast

Sunny weather, high temperatures and low humidity should be expected for the duration of the event, which will provide drivers with ideal track conditions while putting their physical resistance to the test!

  • Thursday: Sunny, 10% precipitation, 27% humidity, 23-40°C
  • Friday: Mostly Sunny, 0% precipitation, 27% humidity, 20-39°C
  • Saturday: Sunny, 0% precipitation, 40% humidity, 18-37°C
  • Sunday: Mostly Sunny, 0% precipitation, 41% humidity, 16-34°C


183 Drivers, 88 in OK and 95 in Junior, have registered for the first round of the FIA Karting European Championship at Zuera, representing 43 nations.


In OK, favorites will be aplenty, starting with the reigning double World and European champion Lorenzo Travisanutto, eager to keep his crown in 2020 against strong opposition, including his own Tony Kart teammates, the 2016 World Champion Pedro Hiltbrand and the Brit Joe Turney. Promoted from Junior, Andrea Kimi Antonelli (Kart Republic/AKM) and Nikita Bedrin (Ward Racing) will be amongst those to watch, along with the 2019 Junior World champion Thomas Ten Brinke (Ricky Flynn Motorsport).

Amongst usual contenders can also be pointed out Taylor Barnard (Kart Republic/Rosberg Racing Academy), Dilano Van’t Hoff (Forza Racing) and Harry Thompson (Sauber Karting Team). Watch out also for Jamie Day and the Charles Leclerc by Lennox Racing squad, who rose to the top at Champions of the Future, and Juho Valtanen, one of the fastest on the Zuera circuit on that weekend!

  • Drivers: 88
  • Nationalities: 26
  • Age: From 14 years old (in the year)
  • Chassis: CIK-FIA International homologation
  • Engine: 125cc direct-coupled, 2-stroke, mixed-lubrication engine
  • Cooling: Water
  • Exhaust: one-design with power valve
  • Carburetor: 24 mm butterfly
  • Horsepower: 39
  • Revolutions: 16000 rpm (limiter)
  • Brakes: Single rear with hydraulic control
  • Weight: Minimum 145 kg (driver included)
  • No gear shifting, clutch, starter or battery
  • Tires: LeCont (“prime”, medium)
  • Zuera lap time reference: 59″879 (Tom Joyner’s pole position, 2016 FIA Karting European Championship – OK)


The Junior class offers a wide range of fast drivers willing to grab their piece of the cake at Zuera. The Italians Alfio Spina and Brando Badoer (both at Kart Republic) have shown improving pace turned into noticeable results from the start of the season. Their teammates Ugo Ugochukwu and Arvid Lindblad, winner of the opening round of Champions of the Future, could also be amongst potential threats, as well as Tuukka Taponen (Tony Kart), Tymoteusz Kucharczyk (Birel ART), Igor Cepil (Kart Republic) and Martinius Stenshorne (Kart Republic / Rosberg Racing academy).

  • Drivers: 95
  • Nationalities: 31
  • Age: 12-14 years old
  • Chassis: CIK-FIA International homologation
  • Engine: 125cc direct-coupled, 2-stroke, mixed-lubrication engine
  • Cooling: Water
  • Exhaust: One-design without valve
  • Carburetor: 20 mm butterfly
  • Horsepower: 29
  • Revolutions: 14 000 rpm (limiter)
  • Brakes: Single rear with hydraulic control
  • Weight: Minimum 140 kg (driver included)
  • No gear shifting, clutch, starter or battery
  • Tires: LeCont (“option”, hard)
  • Zuera lap time reference: 01’01″588 (Sami Taoufik’s pole position, 2016 FIA Karting European Championship – Junior)

Latest events at Zuera

2016 CIK-FIA European Championship – OK/Junior/KZ

  • Polesitter: Tom Joyner (OK), Sami Taoufik (Junior), Patrik Hajek (KZ)
  • Heats leader: Tom Joyner (OK), Noah Watt (Junior), Patrik Hajek (KZ)
  • Final winner: Karol Basz (OK), Noah Watt (Junior), Patrik Hajek (KZ)

2015 CIK-FIA European Championship – KZ/KZ2/Academy Trophy

  • Polesitter: Marco Ardigo (KZ), Thomas Laurent (KZ2), Théo Nouet (Academy)
  • Heats leader: Marco Ardigo (KZ), Paolo Besancenez (KZ2), Alfie Brown (Academy)
  • Final winner: Flavio Camponeschi (KZ), Pedro Hiltbrand (KZ2), Garcia Marta Lopez (Academy)

2014 CIK-FIA European Championship – KF/KF-Junior

  • Polesitter: Callum Ilott (KF), Devlin Defrancesco (KF-Junior)
  • Heats leader: Felice Tiene (KF), Anton Haaga (KF-Junior)
  • Final winner: Tom Joyner (KF), Anton Haaga (KF-Junior)

How to follow the event?

live page will be at your disposal from Friday to Sunday, including live timing, by Apex Timing, and live streaming, by RGMMC (available on Saturday and Sunday).

Reports and results will be published on this website on a daily base.

Main schedule

Friday08:00 – 16:35 Free Practice
16:45 – 19:13 Qualifying Practice
Saturday08:00 – 09:40 Warm-up
09:45 – 18:40 Qualifying Heats
Sunday08:00 – 09:40 Warm-up
09:50 – 12:10 Qualifying Heats

13:30 – 13:55 Junior Final
14:30 – 15:00 OK Final 

Useful documents

2020 FIA Karting calendar – OK/Junior

Europan Championship Round 1July 30th – August 2ndZuera
Europan Championship Round 2August 20th – 23rdSarno
European Championship Round 3September 11th – 13thWackersdorf
World ChampionshipNovember 5th – 8thPortimao

Check out our full international karting calendar here.

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