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“The decision has been taken after a careful analysis of the current situation to safeguard the good health of all the participants in the series devised and organized by WSK Promotion,” today’s statement reads.

“Considering the particular historic moment we are living in, after consultation with the protagonists and their entourage present in the WSK paddock for the WSK Open Cup, the decision has been taken to cancel the WSK Final Cup that was due to take place on December 13th at the circuit of Adria (after relocation from its original choice of Sarno).

“This decision took also into account the fact that in just over 40 days the protagonists of the series will gather again in Adria to start the 2021 season.”

“WSK Promotion wishes to thank all participants, teams, drivers, engineers, press officers, and all staff that made this WSK season fantastic once again despite the exceptional problems connected to the Covid-19 emergency.”

“In this season we had very challenging times, but we managed to get through them by staying together, keeping the commitments that we took and delivering a sporting program that has been capable of highlighting, once again, the quality of the young WSK champions.”

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