• Info: Guillaume Alvarez, RGMMC Group / Champions of the future
  • Photo: Alex Vernardis

“Due to the complex situation surrounding the restart of karting events, we have decided together with the local club to cancel the first round of the 2020 Champions of the Future which was set to take place the 25-28 of June 2020. Round 2 and 3 are still scheduled to take place,” reads RGMMC’s statement.

Kristianstad’s cancellation is the latest modification in a calendar heavily impacted by the ongoing health situation in Europe.

Following the previous postponements of Zuera and Castelletto and the cancellation of Wackersdorf’s race, the organization had modified the calendar with Kristianstad, Zuera and Portimao as the closing meeting, in line with the recent modifications in the FIA Karting calendar.

“The EU has announced that traveling would be possible from June 15th but there won’t be enough time for the teams to be ready,” RGMMC President James Geidel explains to us. “The most important thing is to consider their position and what’s easier for them at the moment.”

“It is always a difficult situation but it was decided with both parties, RGMMC and the track of Kristianstad, that it is better not to organize the race. At this point, calendars are so full that postponing the event would also be impossible.”

Rounds 2 and 3 of the series currently remain in place at Zuera, on July 16-19, and Portimao, on October 22-25. “The situation should start getting better in July, so I’m pretty optimistic about Spain, conditions seem all right,” Geidel adds.“We can’t have the people waiting too long to get back on track.”

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