• Info: RGMMC / Guillaume Alvarez
  • Photos: Alex Vernardis / The RaceBox

A new trophy

The latest news provided by the RGMMC Group, promoter of the IAME X30 Winter Cup and IAME X30 Euro Series, regards first the number of trophies to be awarded on the podium at each race weekend. From this year on, proceedings will not only include a trophy for all three drivers in all categories, but also a reward for the team managers.

2021 fuel regulations

The RGMMC Group also published recent updates regarding its partners. Following a successful first collaboration at Portimao’s International IAME Games in 2020, Panta has been chosen as the official fuel supplier for all IAME events promoted by RGMMC.

2021 tyre regulations

In 2020, MG’s non-homologated brand Komet was the official tyre for the series. Following many discussions and two successful events, the FIA Karting World Championship and Champions of the Future’s final round at Portimao, RGMMC has decided to go back to MG’s official tyres for the IAME X30 Winter Cup and IAME X30 Euro Series.

The Senior class will also change to the softer version of the tyre, the MG SM, while both Junior (MG SH) and Mini (Komet K1D – M) will keep using the same compound as in 2020.

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