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Rok Cup Italia: 7 races

In this series, all Rok categories will be on stage (Mini Rok, Junior Rok, Senior Rok, Expert Rok, Super Rok and Shifter Rok) competing between March and September in seven races on the tracks of Adria, Castelletto, Franciacorta, Lonato and Siena.

The ratings will be drawn up considering the five best races, so two races will not be considered compulsorily. Drivers will be given additional scores in each race they will take part in.

Campionato Italiano ACI-Rok: 3 races for Senior and Junior, Mini Rok Levanto Trophy

The Campionato Italiano ACI-Rok will be made up of three races, all to be considered, with one race per month between April and May on the circuits of Jesolo, Adria and Siena.

In the ACI Sport racing weekends, besides Junior Rok and Senior Rok, also the Mini Rok will be on stage starting with qualifying practices on Saturday, and races on Sunday, as already happened this season. In this precise context, the Mini Rok will compete for the new Rok Levanto Trophy.

Rok Cup Sud – Rok Cup Sicilia

Alongside the Rok Cup Italia, the Rok Cup Sud, with the Junior Rok, Senior Rok and Expert Rok categories, and Rok Cup Sicilia, with the Junior Rok and Senior Rok categories, will also take place. Both of them will have a dedicated calendar full of race meetings.

Rok Cup Superfinal – Rok Cup Euro

The international challenges are always part of the Rok Cup, proving the international popularity of the Vortex trophy. The calendar will have this way two very intense moments throughout the year, the first in July when the European “Rokkers” will be able to compete in the Rok Cup Euro; the second event will take place in mid-October and will be the unfailing world challenge: the 2021 Rok Cup Superfinal.

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