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A total of 226 drivers successfully completed the sporting and technical scrutineering at Lonato. Among these, an exceptional set of International Karting champions will put in a splendid battle for the titles in the tenth year of the WSK Euro Series.


Joe Turney (Tony Kart/Vortex) and Andrea Kimi Antonelli (/KR/IAME) have been very quick in Qualifying. Turney led the Round 2 session in 46.037 seconds while Antonelli imitated him in Round 3’s in 46.055 seconds. Nikita Bedrin (Tony Kart/Vortex), Juho Valtanen (KR/IAME), and Luigi Coluccio (Kosmic/Vortex) were also very fast.


The fastest of Round 2 was Brando Badoer (KR/IAME) in 47.594 seconds, while Ugo Ugochukwu (KR/IAME) posted the best time of Round 3 in 47.688 seconds. Harley Keeble (Tony Kart/Vortex) was also very fast in Round 2 as he completed his best lap in 47.666 seconds and Arvid Lindblad (KR/IAME) in Round 3 (47.754 seconds).

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Mini 60

In the category reserved to the youngest drivers, Kean Nakamura Berta (KR/IAME) turned out to be the quickest of Round 2 in 52.941 seconds, but he could not repeat this result in Qualifying of Round 3 where he only posted the 18th time. Christian Costoya Sanabria (CRG/TM) was the fastest in 52.991 seconds. Andres Cardenas (Energy/TM) was also very quick in Round 2 as he led the second session in 53.020 seconds. Mark Kastelic (KR/IAME) went quickest in the second session of Round 3 in 53.155 seconds.


The Dutchman Marijn Kremers (Ricciardo Kart/TM) took the pole position in 45.638 seconds and was followed by Riccardo Longhi (Birel ART/TM) for 0.007s and Giuseppe Palomba (Birel ART/TM), who posted the quickest time in the second session in 45.687 seconds. Danilo Albanese (KR/IAME) went quickest in Round 3 in 45.694 seconds and was followed again by Palomba in 45.712 seconds, while Jeremy Iglesias (Formula K/TM) was the fastest of the second session in 45.791 seconds. Mirko Torsellini (KR/IAME) was also among the quickest and completed his best lap in 45.725 seconds.

Check out the full Qualifying results below:

Initial Qualifying Heats

Following Qualifying, Wednesday’s program continued with the initial Qualifying Heats valid for Round 2. The KZ2 victories went to Longhi (two wins), Ippolito and Kremers. In OK, Turney, Bedrin and Valtanen had the upper hand. Badoer (two wins) and Rinicella did the same in Junior while the first wins in Mini 60 went to Kastelic (two), Costoya and Nakamura.

Main schedule

Thursday09:00 – 11:14 Warm-Up Rnd 2
11:20 – 18:00 Heats Rnd 2
Friday09:00 – 11:14 Warm-Up Rnd 3
11:20 – 19:20 Heats Rnd 3
Saturday08:15 – 10:12 Warm-Up Rnd 3
10:20 – 13:00 Heats Rnd 3
13:40 – 16:20 Prefinals Rnd 2
16:20 – 19:00 Prefinals Rnd 3
Sunday08:30 – 10:27 Warm-Up Rnd 2 / Rnd 3
10:30 KZ2 Final – Rnd 2
11:00 OK Final – Rnd 2
12:30 Junior Final – Rnd 2
13:00 Mini 60 Final – Rnd 2
14:30 KZ2 Final – Rnd 3
15:00 OK Final – Rnd 3
15:30 Junior Final – Rnd 3
16:00 Mini 60 Final – Rnd 3

How to follow the meeting?

From Wednesday to Sunday, daily reports and a live page are at your disposal on this website with live timing, live streaming (for Sunday’s Finals), results, schedule, and practical information.

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