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Neither the rainy weather nor the infection-control constraints affected the morale of the 229 drivers from 34 nationalities who converged on southern Portugal to take part in the second edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy from 8th to 13th December 2020. BRP-Rotax and 3MK Events would like to thank them for their presence and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing them in August 2021 in Le Mans.

Micro: Lebanon in the spotlight with Feghali

Christopher Feghali (LBN – KR – DHR) had a perfect competition in Micro. The Final victory confirmed his talent which had been expressed without exception since practice. But the competition was tough, especially with Jacob Ashcroft (GBR – KR – Dan Holland Racing), Mees Houben (NLD – Exprit – GKS Lemmens Power) and Max Sadurski (NLD – Energy) as strong opponents.

Final Micro podium and prizes

  • Christopher Feghali – LBN – a Can-Am DS 90 Quad
  • Jacob Ashcroft – GBR – a Micro MAX engine
  • Max Sadurski – NLD – a €1000 Rotax voucher
Skjelten Alexander, MINI MAX, (LVA), BIREL ART / ROTAX / MOJO, National, Rotax Max Challenge International Trophy, PORTIMAO, International Race, © KSP Reportages

Mini: a convincing victory for Skjelten

Several drivers shone in Mini. Ethan Jeff-Hall (GBR – Tony Kart – Strawberry Racing), Thomas Strauven (BEL – Tony Kart – Strawberry Racing), Harry Hannam (ARE – MS Kart – DHR) and Alexander Skjelten (LVA – Birel ART – National) were often at the forefront. Jeff-Hall and Skjelten fought long and hard for the Final victory before the latter won against Hannam and Strauven.

Final Mini podium and prizes

  • Alexander Skjelten – LVA – a Can-Am DS 90 Quad
  • Harry Hannam – ARE – a Mini MAX engine
  • Thomas Strauven – BEL – a €1000 Rotax voucher

Juniors: Guinchard wins a Final interrupted by rain

Starting on a dry track, the Junior Final saw some close battles and twists and turns. Freddie Spindlow (GBR – Kosmic – KR Sport) led the early part of the race until Daniel Guinchard (GBR – KR – Argenti Motorsport) took the lead on lap 4. When the rain appeared, 11 laps had been covered and the Race Director was able to wave the red flag on the next lap to avoid incidents with slick tyres on a very slippery track. Behind Guinchard, Aaron Walker (GBR – Tony Kart – Strawberry Racing) was able to take advantage of his incredible comeback from 22nd to 2nd position, whereas William Macintyre (GBR – Kosmic – KR Sport) had regained nine places to 3rd place.

Final Junior podium and prizes

  • Daniel Guinchard – GBR – a ticket for the RMCGF 2020
  • Aaron Walker – GBR – a Junior MAX engine
  • William Macintyre – GBR – a €1000 Rotax voucher
Porter Morgan, ROTAX SENIOR, (GB), KR / ROTAX / MOJO, Argenti Motorsport, Rotax Max Challenge International Trophy, PORTIMAO, International Race, © KSP Reportages

Senior: Porter takes the victory on the last lap

After winning the Prefinal, Morgan Porter (GBR – KR – Argenti Motorsport) also took the victory in the Final. But things weren’t easy on Sunday afternoon. After a short rain shower, the choice of suitable tyres divided the drivers. Although slicks were ultimately the best option, the grip remained limited in some places and the race was very animated with at least six different leaders and many passes.

Rhys Hunter (GBR – FA Kart – DHR) was in the lead for the first two laps, then Porter briefly took the lead before being overtaken by Mark Kimber (GBR – Tony Kart – Strawberry Racing). Kai Hunter (GBR – Tony Kart – DHR) then interrupted the domination of Kimber who came back to 1st place. A very intense last lap allowed Porter to take the victory by 4 tenths ahead of Sean Butcher (GBR – Kosmic – KR Sport), while Kimber took 3rd place.

Final Senior podium and prizes

  • Morgan Porter – GBR – a ticket for the RMCGF 2020
  • Sean Butcher – GBR – a Senior MAX engine
  • Mark Kimber – GBR – a €1000 Rotax voucher
Przybylak Xander, DD2, (B), TONY KART / ROTAX / MOJO, Bouvin Power, Rotax Max Challenge International Trophy, PORTIMAO, International Race, © KSP Reportages

DD2: Przybylak finds his way back to success

After having been dominated in the Prefinal, Xander Przybylak (BEL – Tony Kart – Bouvin Power) took back the lead in the Final of the DD2 category. He took over from Paolo Besancenez (FRA – Sodi) after several front row battles on the fourth lap. He then had to maintain a good pace in order not to fall under threat from Petr Bezel (CZE – Sodi – KSCA Sodi Europe). For a long time 3rd, Xen De Ruwe (SVN – Intrepid – SSC Sportstil) couldn’t resist an attack from Besancenez on the last lap.

Final DD2 podium and prizes

  • Xander Przybylak – BEL – a ticket for the RMCGF 2020
  • Petr Bezel – CZE – a DD2 MAX engine
  • Paolo Besancenez – FRA – a €1000 Rotax voucher

DD2 Masters: Grube dominates to the end

Leader of the Qualifying Heats and winner of the Prefinal, Henrijs Grube (LVA – Exprit – Team Victoria) progressively detached himself from his opponents to take a clear Final victory with more than 3,5″ of advantage. Romain Mangé (FRA – Tony Kart) was in 2nd position since the first lap, and Slawomir Muranski (POL – Tony Kart – 46 Team) had to overtake Thierry De Jong (NLD – Kosmic) to take 3rd place. 

Final DD2 Masters podium and prizes

  • Henrijs Grube – LVA – a ticket for the RMCGF 2020
  • Romain Mangé – FRA – a DD2 MAX engine
  • Slawomir Muranski – POL – a €1000 Rotax voucher

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