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UPDATE (January 13th, 2021): The 2020 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals are officially cancelled due to the new nationwide lockdown imposed by authorities in Portugal as an attempt to contain the recent rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths. More info here.

“Preparations for the RMC Grand Finals 2020 in Portugal are in full speed as we want to organize the best event for you, our drivers, even in times of COVID-19”, posted BRP-Rotax on Facebook, shortly after announcing that the event would go ahead as planned.

“As you can see in the pictures (below), we have already set up the driver’s tent structures, containers as well as other installations and issues for the Covid-19 measurement plan. Further adjustments and final preparations will continue this week.”

“However, as you may have already heard in the news, Portugal is in preparation for another lock-down: details of this decision will be announced tomorrow [today, ed.] late afternoon by the Portuguese Government. We are awaiting this information to understand if and how it will impact the RMCGF.”

More than 300 drivers are expected to take part in the 21st running of Rotax’s biggest seasonal event, already postponed and relocated due to the oingoing uncertainty related to the sanitary situation in Europe.

This article will be updated.

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