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UPDATE (January 13th, 2021): The 2020 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals are officially cancelled due to the new nationwide lockdown imposed by authorities in Portugal as an attempt to contain the recent rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths. More info here.

BRP-Rotax, the organizer of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF) took to social media on Friday to confirm Rotax’s biggest event of the racing season. Originally planned in Bahrain between November 7th and 14th, 2020, the race had been postponed and relocated to the Algarve circuit due to travel restrictions resulting from the sanitary situation.

Concerns recently emerged again among karting circles about whether or not the Grand Finals should go ahead as planned in a still difficult context for traveling between countries in Europe. Following a fully-packed end of the 2020 season, the global motorsport community is already under pressure regarding forthcoming calendars.

Following a publication of their trucks leaving Austria for Portimao (above), BRP-Rotax reassured yesterday teams and drivers about all measures being taken for the running of the 21st RMCGF: “In light of the current developments of the Covid-19 situation worldwide, there are a lot of questions arising around the RMC Grand Finals,” BRP-Rotax wrote on its Facebook page. “We would like to assure you that we are devoting all our efforts into organizing the RMCGF under the highest health and safety standards.”

“We certainly respect and will enforce all necessary and required measures within our very strict RMCGF Covid-19 measurement plan incl. on-site test laboratory, temperature control and face recognition at the entrance, one-way-paths, hand disinfection stations, mandatory face masks, digital briefings and many more.”

“These efforts reflect our top priority – namely to support our customers and to give them the opportunity to redeem their hard-earned tickets and to fulfill their dream of competing in the RMC Grand Finals in the safest environment possible. Organising the event in cooperation with the very professional management of the Circuito Internacional do Algarve, who already successfully executed over 20 international high-class sport events in 2020 at its track (including such renowned events like Formula One, MotoGP, Ferrari Challenge, World Superbike Championship, RMC International Trophy, Champions of the future, FIA Karting World Championship, etc.) gives us the advantage to combine our knowledge and experience of safely running motorsport events in times of Covid-19.”

“Be assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and Government decisions regarding professional motorsport events – which usually differ from the general measurements – to stay on top of the developments. Stay safe and see you in Portugal!”

The 2020 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals are scheduled in Portimao from January 23rd to 30th, 2021.

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