• Info & photo: IAME X30 Euro Series

This decision by the RGMMC Group follows the decreet made yesterday by the Belgian Security Council to ban meetings of all kinds and sizes on its territory until April 3rd.

The kick-off event of the IAME X30 Euro Serie is re-scheduled from May 21st to 24th at the date initially reserved for the second round of the series at Castelletto, Italy. The competition will still be run at Mariembourg.

The race of Castelletto will also be postponed to another date as a result of the current lockdown situation in the country resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.

Prior to RGMMC’s decision, the opener of the IAME Series Benelux, scheduled from March 14th to 15th on the same Karting des Fagnes International Raceway, had already been postponed to a later date due to the ‘force majeure’ situation in Belgium.

Below is the official statement from RGMMC:

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