In this episode:

0:46 A mention of the previous episodes of the “Racebox Show” that you can find here.

0:55 A mention of the race report of the WSK Champions Cup on the Adria International Raceway, available in three parts: Friday (Qualifying), Saturday (Heats) and Sunday (Finals)

1:00 A review of the news from the karting community:

  • 01:01 The DKM German Karting Championship’s entries are booming
  • 01:34 A change in the Rosberg Racing academy livery for 2019
  • 02:09 A new announcement from Rotax
  • 02:33 A new partnership between TB Racing Team and… McLaren

But also:

03:08 A glimpse of video footage made for ROK Cup USA by Johnny Johnson of Kart360 to promote the Round 1 of the Florida Winter tour in Miami.

3:59 An onboard video of Jamaican driver Collin Dailey (DR Racing Kart / Shifter Rok) on the South Garda layout of the Hard Rock Miami Stadium with the voice of Jake Sanson.

4:50 A review of the first round of the Florida Winter Tour, to mark the start of the 2019 season of the ROK Cup USA, in the Hard Rock Stadium of Miami, Florida. Click here to read our report.

6:27 A second glimpse of video footage made for the ROK Cup USA by Christian Marsh of DRT Racing Team to promote the Round 1 of the Florida Winter Tour in Miami.

7:40 An onboard video of the FIA Karting World Champion Lorenzo Travisanutto (Kart Republic/IAME) around the Adria International Raceway in northern Italy with the commentary of Jake Sanson.

8:50 A review of last weekend’s Champions Cup in Adria that kicked off the 2019 season of the WSK. Check again our main report here.

8:55 A video footage produced by Monza Race TV to promote the Champions Cup of WSK Promotion.

And finally:

10:30 A preview of Round 1 of the WSK Super Master Series taking place this weekend again in Adria, Italy.

Thank you for watching, stay tuned and see you at the next episode, available on the Youtube channel of The Racebox.

A huge thank you as well to Johnny Johnson of Kart360, Christian Marsh of DRT Racing Team, Monza Race TV, WSK Promotion and ROK Cup USA for sharing their footage videos in this week’s episode!

Hosting: Guillaume Alvarez

Filming & editing: Alex Vernardis

Onboard commentary: Jake Sanson