Article Q of the sporting rules has been modified for the 2019 FIA Karting season. From now on, the starting up, running in, warming up or testing of kart engines in the Paddock, as well as in the Reserved Areas, is strictly prohibited.

Offenders will be fined at least €250 and may be disqualified in case of a repeat, a sanction where a possible appeal will not be suspensive. This applies to all (and only, for now) FIA Karting competitions from 1st January 2019.

It goes without saying that more than one karting enthusiast will be pleased to peacefully walk in the paddock without the risk of suffering from a headache at the end of the day. A relief that applies as well to team members, drivers and officials spending their day time in or close to the paddock area.

Unfortunately, those to pity might be the mechanics who will be therefore obliged to start up their engine in a more restricted area that is yet to be confirmed. A situation that could lead to drivers having to warm up th engine while adjusting the carburetor in their installation lap, as it used to be done in the past.

Here are the other main changes made public by the CIK-FIA last month:

A shorter time penalty for front fairing: the time penalty sanction for a front fairing in the wrong position during the FIA Karting Championships, Cups and Trophies, will be of five seconds instead of ten. This applies from 1st January 2019.

Mini Class: the homologation of the Mini category, chassis, engines and tires will also involve the ignition, the inlet silencer, and the float-chamber carburetor at the same time. The homologation process will take place in 2019 for implementation on 1st January 2020.

Less testing time: the free test sessions that took place on Wednesday and Thursday before each of the FIA Karting events will be discontinued from 1st January 2020, giving teams and drivers less opportunity for track-testing ahead of the competition.

The first meeting of the FIA Karting Season, the round 1 of the European Championship – OK and Junior, will take place at Angerville, France, from April 19th to 21st.

More information available on the official website of the CIK-FIA.

Info: FIA Karting

Editing: Guillaume Alvarez

Photos: Alex Vernardis