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107 drivers competed at the third event of the German Karting Championship in Upper Palatine. After the two events in Kerpen, a new track awaited the participants in Wackersdorf. This time, the weather was a deciding factor, especially on Saturday. Heavy rain and cold temperatures caused a shift in the power balance. On Sunday, there were dry conditions again and the numerous viewers on the live-stream got to see thrilling races. The team of the ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr e.V. ensured that everything ran smoothly. 

Juho Valtanen, Ben Dörr (DKM), Kris Haanen (DJKM), Jorrit Pex, Stan Pex (DSKM), Tim Tröger (DSKC) as well as Xen Te Ruwe (DEKM) won the ranked races and belong to the big title favorites before the season final in Oschersleben, from October 16th – 18th. While Kris Haanen already celebrated winning the DJKM title in Wackersdorf, the remaining decisions of the highest German kart racing series will be made at the season final in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.  

The German Electric Kart Championship (DEKM) also took place. Drivers from seven nations started there and caused narrow decisions. Once again, the new electric kart Project E20 by BRP-Rotax highlighted its performance and demanded the necessary sure instinct on the wet track. Both final victories went to Slovenian guest driver Xen Te Ruwe.

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DSKC: Second season victory for Tim Tröger 

On the wet track, Dane Lasse Karlshøj (LE Racing) was unstoppable during Qualifying and the heats at the DMSB Shifterkart Cup (DSKC) and also impressed on the dry track on Sunday. At the Prefinal of Group A, the Kosmic Kart driver celebrated a clear start to finish victory. Marvin Langenbacher was successful at the second Prefinal. Due to a good start, he drove to the front position and stayed in front of Tim Tröger (Mach1 Motorsport), one of the title favorites. From starting positions six and seven, the other Championship contenders Julian Müller (Mach1 Motorsport) and Coen Doorn (A.K. Doorn) also started the Fina from the field of pursuers on Sunday afternoon.

Polesitter Karlshøj achieved the best start in the Final. This time, his pursuers kept close though and after six laps, Tröger put too much pressure on him. The Saxon drove past the leading driver and raced away from the rest of the field. “The whole team worked really hard and now we can reap the benefits. We have to keep our concentration and will fight for the title in Oschersleben,” the Mach1 driver rejoiced in his winner’s interview. Behind him, Langenbacher wanted to use his chance as well, but Karlshøj managed to keep him at bay and strengthened his position as a pursuer. Behind the duo, the overall leading driver at the time, Müller, came in fourth. In the fight for the last remaining place on the podium, Lukas Reiböck (Birel ART KSW Racing) prevailed against Doorn during the last third of the race. A subsequent spoiler penalty threw Reiböck back again though.  

Championship ranking DSKC after 3 of 4 races: 

1. Tim Tröger (124 points) 
2. Julian Müller (112 points) 
3. Coen Doorn (101 points) 
4. Lasse Karlshøj (97 points) 
5. Karl Lukaschewsky (69 points) 

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DSKM: Pex-Brüder set the pace at Wackersdorf 

Jorrit and Stan Pex (both SP Motorsport) were the standards of all things at the beginning of the second half of the season. Reigning champion Stan Pex was the fastest driver in Qualifying in temporary heavy rain. During the later heats, he was replaced by his brother Jorrit. With a victory and a second place, he got ahead and didn’t give up his leading position during the kick-off race on Sunday as well. Pex was in an accordingly good mood in his winner’s interview: “This was a great race, especially because I started on the wet track. I collected valuable points due to this victory.” Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team) took the role of the first pursuer behind the brothers and came close to the leading duo temporarily. There was no serious attack though and so he achieved the remaining place on the podium. Behind him followed David Trefilov (SRP Racing Team) in front of Alexander Schmitz (Birel ART KSW Racing). 

During the second race, Jorrit and Stan Pex decided the victory between them as well. Until shortly before the end of the race, it looked like a double victory for the older brother. But Stan attacked once more and won in front of Jorrit. Due to this, Schmitz in third place came closer too but didn’t pose a danger to the two Kart Republic drivers anymore. Federer came in fourth this time in front of local driver Valentino Fritsch (Birel ART KSW Racing) in fifth place. Due to Stan’s victory, things are still exciting regarding the Championship title. “It wasn’t an easy race for us. We were equally fast and didn’t want to risk a collision among brothers. I had some good luck then, attacked once more and won,” Stan commented on the racing result.  

Championship ranking DSKM after 6 of 8 races: 

1. Jorrit Pex (178 points) 
2. Stan Pex (147 points) 
3. Fabian Federer (113 points) 
4. Alexander Schmitz (101 points) 
5. David Trefilov (84 points) 

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DKM: TB Racing Team gains double victory 

With Joel Mesch, a driver of the TB Racing Team already took the lead during Qualifying and the team didn’t give this up again throughout the course of the weekend. During the heats, it was the leading driver of the Championship, Juho Valtenen (TB Racing Team), who used all of his experience on the wet track and took the lead with two victories.  

Valtanen then highlighted that he is among the big title favorites this year in the first final race. On the dry track, the pursuers weren’t able to stop him and could only watch him drive away from the field. He was ahead of them by more than four seconds. “I tried to drive away from the field early on and kept my lead. These were valuable points for the Championship,” he summed up his race. The fight for the remaining positions was really close though: Luca Griggs (SFR Motorsport) led the field of pursuers when crossing the finish line in front of Vincent Andronaco (Millennium Racing Team), Georg Kelstrup (TK Racing) and Moritz Wiskrichen (TB Racing Team). 

There was a dramatic finish at the second final race. Initially, Valtanen led the field and it looked like a sure victory for the Finn. But Griggs closed the gap from behind and tried to take the lead shortly before the end of the race. This led to a collision which caused both title favorites to drop out of the race. Ben Dörr (TB Racing Team) inherited the lead and the victory in front of Kelstrup and Julie Friis (TK Racing). TB Racing duo Wiskirchen and Mesch completed the cup ranks in fourth and fifth places. After a difficult season so far, the victory was very freeing for Ben Dörr: “Of course I had a bit of luck, but with all the bad luck I’ve had this year, it’s good that things are turning around for a change. It was a great feeling to cross the finish line as the winner.”

Championship ranking DKM after 6 of 8 races: 

1. Juho Valtanen (131 points) 
2. Luca Griggs (108 points) 
3. Moritz Wiskirchen (105 points) 
4. Ben Dörr (89 points) 
5. Vincent Andronaco (65 points) 

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DJKM: Third double victory makes Kris Haanen the early Champion 

SFR Motorsport duo Daniel Guinchard and Kris Haanen drove the exact same time during Qualifying and led the field. In the heats, Guinchard achieved pole position and was in the first place of the intermediate rankings on Saturday evening. The finals of the Juniors were close as usual. At the first race, Herolind Nuredini (KSM Official Racing Team) took the best start but wasn’t able to drive away from his opponents. There were several changes at the front during the course of the race. Next to the Schleswig-Holstein resident, Maxim Rehm (Rehm Racing) and Haanen also led the field. The latter came out on top in the end and celebrated his fifth consecutive victory. Kiano Blum (TB Racing Team) drove to second place. Nuredini, Rehm and Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen (RS Competition) completed the top five.  

Things were the same at the second final race. Again, as many as seven Juniors fought for the top positions. Haanen used his chance at the right time again and celebrated the early win of the championship due to his sixth race victory: “In six races, I’ve won six times now. That’s just incredible. It’s a great feeling to already win the championship here in Wackersdorf. I’d like to thank my team and everyone involved in this success.” Kiano Blum from Austria came in second again and thereby strengthened his position in the championship’s top three. Rehm came in third and ended up on the podium. The two Danes Marius Kristiansen (HK Motorsport) and Jakobsen followed in fourth and fifth places.  

Championship ranking DJKM after 6 of 8 races: 

1. Kris Haanen (193 points) 
2. Herolind Nuredini (123 points) 
3. Kiano Blum (113 points) 
4. Daniel Guinchard (83 points) 
5. Maxim Rehm (78 points) 

The big final of the 2020 German Karting Championship will take place in three weeks at the Motorsport Arena of Oschersleben.

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