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  • Photos: Sportinphoto

Due to the difficult situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe and in a lot of countries outside the continent, with several lockdowns currently underway, WSK Promotion is considering the possibility to postpone the start of the 2021 WSK season.

Such a decision would be made in order to allow the participation of teams and drivers that might currently struggle to be present in the early WSK events. 

In the next few days, WSK Promotion will be providing more precise information on the 2021 racing calendar that will be adapted as best as possible to the needs of the current times.

The 2021 events that have been announced are confirmed and will comprise the WSK Champions Cup, WSK Super Master Series (4 rounds), WSK Euro Series (3 rounds), WSK Open Cup (2 rounds), and WSK Final Cup. 

Here’s the current 2021 racing calendar by WSK Promotion.

Find out more about the 2021 karting season:

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