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The 2020 international karting season is about to start and the Kosmic Kart Racing Department is ready to get on track after defining the official list of drivers entered in the OK and OK-Junior classes.

The OTK Kart Group-supported team will compete in all four rounds of the FIA Karting European Championship, the World Championship in Brazil, the entire program by WSK Promotion – at the exception of the Champions Cup – along with a traditional trip to South Garda for the Winter Cup. Additionally, participation is scheduled in two out of the three rounds, in Zuera and Kristianstad, of the newly-created “Champions of the Future” Series by RGMMC.

A total of six drivers will bear Kosmic colors in 2020. In OK-Junior, Axel Malja, Alexander Gubenko and Ruiqi Liu will start their first full season with the team that they all joined in late 2019. The new name for the upcoming season is the Belgian Ean Eyckmans who not only enters a new team but also a new category as he steps up from 60 Mini.

Ville Malja will be entered in OK races together with Luigi Coluccio, both sharing the same determination to keep scoring good results at the same pace as last year.

The drivers of both categories will rely on the Kosmic Mercury R chassis equipped with Vortex engines, the division of the OTK Kart Group. Along with OK and OK-Junior classes, the Kosmic Kart Racing Department will also enter the main international races for KZ and KZ2 classes. No mention has been made yet of the driver line-up but we will keep you updated as soon as a further announcement is delivered.


Ean Eyckmans
Alexander Gubenko
Ruiqi Liu
Axel Malja


Luigi Coluccio
Ville Malja

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