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Australian Kart Championship Round 2 postponed

Karting Australia, represented by its CEO Kelvin O’Reilly, advises members of the postponement of Round Two of the 2020 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship presented by Castrol EDGE.

Potentially, an AKC event will exceed the threshold of 500 attendees in a static gathering in one place (although that number appears to be “mitigated” if the gathering is spread over a large area or outdoors), it is with an abundance of caution that we make the call to postpone the event now. Karting Australia’s number one priority is the health and safety of our drivers, officials, volunteers, families, industry members and supporters of karting.

As a result, Karting Australia will be postponing the April 17-19 event, scheduled to be hosted by the Eastern Lions Kart Club, until September 18-20 (the date that was previously allocated to the final round of the Championship.). It is our intention is still to run a five Round Championship if we can, with the last round being hosted by Go-Kart Club of Victoria on November 27-29.

All competitors who have entered the event on a round only basis will be provided a refund for their round entry fee to the same credit card on which the original payment was made. Those who have entered for the entire Championship will have their entry fees transferred across to the new dates.

We are writing to as many of the accommodation venues in the area as possible explaining the reason for the cancellation of the event and asking them to not charge a cancellation fee but to shift the bookings to the re-scheduled event later in the year.

Photo: Rotax MAX Challenge Pro Tour Australia

Rotax Pro Tour Round 1 temporarily called off

Karting Australia, International Karting Distributors and the Go-Kart Club of Victoria advise that the opening round of the 2020 Rotax Pro Tour, scheduled from March 21st to 22th, has been postponed.

The postponement comes following feedback from Competitors and Team Members advising of their reluctance to travel interstate in the current climate of uncertainty that Australians currently face surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

It remains the intention to ensure that the 2020 Rotax Pro Tour is contested across four rounds. At this stage will proceed as scheduled and an additional date, likely to be in the latter part of the year, will be advised in due course. All competitors who have entered the event will be provided a refund for their round entry fee to the same credit card on which the original payment was made.

Junior Sprockets – Adelaide

Karting Australia’s Junior Sprockets program is currently scheduled to be held at South Australia’s Bolivar Raceway on Saturday, March 21. With the protective equipment used in the program being shared between participants, in the current environment, Karting Australia is left with no option but to postpone this event. All registered participants will be contacted in the coming days and a refund provided and we will endeavor to reschedule the program later in the year.

All other karting Australia events

Karting Australia will work with the individual State Associations over the coming days to discuss the upcoming events in their State to ensure the safety of Competitors, Officials, and all other personnel attending karting events. In the coming days, Karting Australia will provide all Clubs with further information and advice to assist in the protection of their members during this challenging time.

Karting Australia will continue to make informed decisions based on expert opinions recommendations and rulings including those of the Australian and State Chief Medical Officers who have been advising our governments and Karting Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.

COVID-19 karting Australia updates

We anticipate that over the coming weeks and months there will be a reasonably significant number of statements from us to the Karting Australia Family.

Travel register

Travelers returning from any country outside Australia are now considered at risk of COVID-19. The “Travel Register and Isolation Form” (available here) has now been completed and approved by our Chief Medical Officer. It is based on the current and expected best practice (as applied to health care professionals – i.e. the highest standard currently applicable in Australia) and that will now be implemented nationally from tonight.

It won’t take long to complete but it will allow us to identify persons with a higher risk of infection or who may be carrying the virus and who should not, therefore, be attending events or our clubs right now. The form must be returned to Karting Australia at least three (3) days before the next time that you attend your club or race.

Photo: Karting Victoria

Karting Victoria and Club events postponed

Circumstances continue to change daily and while we do not intend to overload you with information, we will provide you with updated information related to Karting as and when it is available and needed.

Our objectives are to ensure the health and safety of the Karting Victoria Community while ensuring that the wheels keep spinning for our Clubs during this challenging period. All the decisions outlined below have been made with primary consideration being given to the well-being and safety of all participants in our sport from volunteer officials, canteen staff, to competitors and their families, and spectators.

The Karting Victoria Executive has decided that no race meetings will be held in Victoria effective immediately until, June 1, 2020 – This date is subject to change pending the outcome of the crisis situation over the coming weeks. Because the situation with the Covid-19 crisis is fluid, we are hopeful that it may be possible to run May Club Day events despite these events being within the moratorium period advised above. Notification of a decision on that will be provided in time for clubs to apply for the necessary permits if that is the decision reached.

The upcoming Victorian Kart Championship, Metro Series, the next two rounds of the Victorian Country Series and the next round of the Golden Power Series have all been postponed. Karting Victoria will develop a revised calendar for the remainder of 2020 once the full extent of the affect the COVID-19 crisis is further understood.

Karting Victoria is committed to running the Victorian Kart Championship on a suitable date later in the year. It is the intention, that if possible, all rounds of the Victorian Country Series and Golden Power Series are also completed. Achieving this in a shorter period of time will require some significant alteration of events throughout the State and we will aim to minimize as many inconveniences as possible.

The Karting Victoria Executive, at the request of Karting Australia, is urgently reviewing the potential to run Kart Fun Sessions during this moratorium period in order to allow participation in this great sport we all enjoy to keep rolling. If this is possible, such sessions will only be allowed to be conducted under very strict guidelines, in order to keep safe the participants, volunteers, and spectators.

Regardless of the type and size of the event, the operation of all Clubs and on-track activities must respect and apply the COVID-19 virus control measures advised by Karting Australia on 16 March 2020. Club Members are still able to also complete private practice sessions throughout this time unless otherwise advised. These are decisions that have not been taken lightly, but we believe they are necessary to reduce exposure to the virus and to keep all of our Victorian Karting Community safe.

Photo: SKAA Logo

SKAA Australian and South Australian titles indefinitely postponed

The decision has been made by the SKAA (Speedway Karting Association of Australasia) executives and its newly formed Safety Committee with a duty of care in mind, to postpone until further notice, both the Australian and South Australian Speedway Kart Titles.

With the Government and World Health Organisation advice being handed down expressing concerns for the safety of all involved, the decision had to be made. Both events are subject to change with the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus still only just being realized, we are unable to confirm at this stage if a reschedule is possible.

With this in mind, the SKAA suggests that competitors and teams request full refunds instead of vouchers for any travel or accommodation costs already paid for given that the likelihood of a reschedule is still unsure.

As we take each step day by day, we have no further answers at this stage other than that any other updates or information we have will be promptly conveyed through clubs, websites and social media. We apologize for any disappointments but realize that the wellness of all involved is priority number one.

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