• Info & photo: IAME X30 Euro Series

Three days following the decision to postpone its first meeting of 2020 set to take place on the Karting des Fagnes of Mariembourg, in Belgium, the IAME X30 Euro Series already has a new calendar in place.

Published on Monday by the RGMMC Group, the new version of the calendar features two principal changes.

Firstly, Mariembourg still remains the kick-off event of the competition but replaces Castelletto on May 21-24. Consequently, the race of Sette Laghi is postponed to September 17-20 to close this year’s competition.

The Round 2 of Aunay-Les-Bois, in France, keeps its date of July 23-26, followed in August (27-30) by Valencia, in Spain.

Photo: IAME X30 Euro Series

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