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Faced with the still significant prevalence of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the world, the FIA has decided to implement a new infection control protocol for access to circuits during FIA Karting competitions.

It will be applied from the Wackersdorf competition from 11th to 13th September 2020 and will also be in force in Lonato from October 2nd to 4th and in Portimao from 6th to 8th November.

To access the circuit (track, paddock and technical area), a COVID-19 PCR test with a negative result is mandatory. This test must have been carried out less than 96 hours before the arrival at the site of each competition.

Blood tests are not valid as they do not reflect the positive or negative status of the subject at the time of entering the circuit facilities.

Participants and people involved in the second round of the FIA Karting European Championship – KZ/KZ2/Academy Trophy on the Karting Genk, in Belgium, will have to go through a similar mandatory procedure by presenting a negative COVID-19 PCR test to get access to the track.

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