The series, named “Champions of the Future”, will see three international rounds placed on the calendar and include a set of different classes: 60 Mini, OK-Junior, OK and KZ2.

“We decided to come up with this new Competition due to the rise of interest from lots of teams and drivers to try the OK class”, explains James Geidel. “But we didn’t want to commit to a big Championship because the teams already competing in OK already have a full calendar. So, with only three races, you have a good amount for people to take part in. Also, it’s not only in countries that drivers know too well like Italy or Germany and, on the other side, if one of the teams competing in another CIK Championship wants to test it, they can. It’s not a big commitment.”

Along with OK, OK-Junior and KZ2, the will to run the 60 Mini came from more and more interest amongst the competitors for this category to be included in the CIK-FIA rulebook from next season. “Over the years, we have seen a rise of attention on the Mini class, as we run it in the IAME Series. So, we came to a point where we need to give the Minis a proper championship that goes a little bit more around Europe.”

The tracks selected will be the Pro Kart Raceland of Wackersdorf, in Germany, where the opening rounds of this year’s FIA Karting European Championship for KZ, KZ2 and Academy Trophy took place. It will be followed, in early April, by the Circuito Internacional de Zuera, in Spain, which hosted the European Championship – OK/Junior/KZ2 back in 2016, and the Asüm Ring of Kristianstad, in Sweden, that has been the scene for the 2018 World Championship and one round of the 2019 European competition for OK/Junior classes.

Those three circuits will appear again in the 2020 FIA Karting European Calendar, which also explains why RGMMC chose those destinations as the “Champions of the Future” Series will offer teams and drivers the chance to train on these tracks before taking part in the European Competition.

“The choice for the races came from us. For the round in Spain, as we work a lot with the local federation [RGMMC is the Promoter of the Spanish Karting Championship, ed.], it’s a good way for them to try the OK class. For the other two events, we thought it would be good to pick other countries which are well-established markets but also different than Italy where everybody runs in the OK class. So, in this case, Germany and Sweden.”

The races will take place over four days and be organized to the highest of standards which will include streaming throughout the weekend. “Each event will include a full-weekend stream, race control, everything you can expect from a high-quality competition, which is also a good opportunity for us to test and improve material for our other CIK commitments during the season.”

“We will see where this new project takes us but the will is, for now, to keep it with three races. Maybe in the future, we could always add additional events like special opens or festivals. But, for the time being, the three-round format is where it will sit as I don’t want to extend to another six-race calendar because it would be too much for people to commit to.”

“The ‘Champions of the Future’ Series is to be considered as a new stepping stone for teams and drivers to try the OK class.”

Thank you for your time, Mr. Geidel! News, website and more information will be released in the coming days, stay tuned…

  • Interview & text: Guillaume Alvarez
  • Photo: RGMMC