• Text: Guillaume Alvarez
  • Photos: Pascal Verheuge / IAME Belgium

As for this year, the next edition of the IAME Series Benelux will unfold through five rounds spread from March to September on four different tracks in Belgium but also in the north of France.

The first meeting will traditionally take place at the Karting des Fagnes International Raceway of Mariembourg from March 13th to 15th, followed one month and a half later by an excursion to the region of the Hauts-De-France at the JPR Karting of Ostricourt, near the city of Lille.

Teams and drivers will then gather from June 26th to 28th to the RACB Karting Club of Francorchamps, located inside the celebrated F1 racetrack, then in August to the “Home of Champions” Karting Circuit of Genk before coming back to Mariembourg which will conclude the championship at the end of September (25-27) instead of early November.

The following classes will be allowed on track:

  • Mini Parilla (7-11 years old)
  • X30 Cadet (10-13)
  • X30 Junior (12-15)
  • X30 Senior (14-30)
  • X30 Master / Gentleman (from 25 or 75 kg)
  • X30 Super Shifter (from 15)