The German Kart Championship is providing attractive prices for its winners in the 2019 season again. In all four series (DKM, DSKM, DJKM, and DSKC), this year’s winners are going to receive free of charge slick competition tires for a DMSB grade series the following season. Additionally, the overall winners are going to get a voucher from the Point Racing company for a new ARAI kart racing helmet. Moreover, the three winners of the DKM, DJKM, and DSKM won’t have to pay the registration fee for a DMSB grade series (except DEKM) the following year. The first five drivers of the DSKC are going to receive 50% off the registration fee for a DMSB grade series (DKM or DSKM) the following year.

The best DKM and DSKM-driver with a DMSB license (placement within the top three, age 16-18) is going to receive an invitation to a screening of the ADAC Sports Foundation and a possible support program for the ADAC Formula 4 or ADAC TCR Germany. The winners of the DKM and DJKM are going to get free of charge Formula simulator test drives. The Mücke Motorsport GmbH is going to invite the winner of the DKM, van Amersfoort Racing is providing the best junior with a free of charge test day.

The overall winner of the DMSB Team Kart Championship 2019 will receive one driver registration for a DMSB kart grade series 2020 (except DEKM) free of charge.

The best drivers of the German Electric Kart Championship (DEKM) can receive great prizes as well. The champion is going to get into an extensive support program by Porsche Motorsport and receives a voucher for a kart racing helmet from the Point Racing company. Additionally, the six best drivers, as well as the best rookie and the driver with the most successful PR, are going to receive cash prizes.

Info: DKM Press

Editing: Guillaume Alvarez