“I believe Karting has to be the first step for any driver interested in making a career in motor racing and maybe get to Formula 1 someday,” he told Alex Vernardis at last year’s Belgian Grand Prix. “Some drivers haven’t passed through karting but it has brought me a lot, especially for the race craft, how you see and manage your races, how you speak with your team.”

“In karting, you don’t speak much with an engineer but more with your mechanics. It’s important to know how to tell them what you want. It’s something that helps you in the future, to know what you want with the machines you have in your hands, whether it is a go-kart or a car.”

“The vision of the race is extremely important and I think that most of it I have learned through karting. Definitely, it’s something crucial if you want to learn how to become a better driver.”

Text & video information: Guillaume Alvarez

Karting photos & video editing: Alex Vernardis

F1 photos: Ferrari Media