In this episode:

0:18 A mention about the Episode 1 of the “Racebox Show” that you can find here.

0:40 A mention of the Special interview From Karting to F1 with 2019 Toro Rosso F1 driver Alexander Albon that you can read here and here

1:01 A mention of the race report of the first round of the SKUSA Winter Series that took place on the Homestead-Motorplex of Miami, available here.

1:09 A glimpse of a special video made for Superkarts! USA by Flying Lap Media to show you what the SKUSA Winter Series is all about!

But also:

3:05 An onboard video of Spanish driver Mari Boya on the Chiva Kartodromo with the commentary of Jake Sanson.

4:17 A review of the first edition of the Winter Series organized by the Spanish Federation and RGMMC. Our race report is available here.

5:40 An onboard video of former KZ2 World Cup winner Joey Hanssen on the Dubai Kartdrome with the commentary of Jake Sanson.

6:48 A review of the 2019 edition of the Dubai O-Plate. Click here to read our race report.

And finally:

7:38 A preview of the 2019 edition of the WSK Champions Cup this weekend at the Adria International Raceway in Northern Italy. Click here to follow the event live and go to The Racebox for reports published every day.

Thank you for watching, stay tuned and see you at the next episode, available on the Youtube channel of The Racebox.

A big thank you to Flying Lap Media for the footage video of the Superkarts! USA Winter Series in Miami, RGMMC for the footage video and onboard lap of Mari Boya from the Spanish Winter Series at the Kartodromo of Chiva and the Dubai Kartdrome for the footage video and onboard lap of Joey Hanssen from the Dubai O-Plate.

Hosting: Guillaume Alvarez

Filming & editing: Alex Vernardis

Onboard commentary: Jake Sanson