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Both versions of the rear bumper – CIK-FIA (homologated) and Rotax Rear Wheel Protection System (non-homologated) – will be permitted at RMC events/series that are not listed on the FIA Karting Sporting Calendars for 2020, according to the Rotax Global Technical Regulations, as this change is only mandatory for all CIK-FIA registered events.

In addition, any DD2 chassis used for events/series and registered on the 2020 FIA Karting Calendars must have a valid CIK-FIA homologation. The chassis manufacturers are responsible to provide a CIK-FIA homologated chassis for the Rotax 125 MAX DD2 class.

BRP-Rotax has been communicating with the various chassis manufacturers over the past months to ensure a smooth transition from the Rotax Rear Wheel Protection System to the standard CIK-FIA homologated rear bumper.

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