Founded in 2011 by former successful kart driver Christian Voß, HTP Kart Team has been developping itself over the last years through a strong partnership with HTP Motorsport. At the helm of the team, Voß has been looking after the promotion of young drivers and will continue to do so using the new submission of CV Performance Group.

Despite the name change, Voß will keep working with the same strong partners being HTP Motorsport and GruppeM Racing, both belonging to the Mercedes-AMG Costumer Racing Program located in Altendiez. HTP Motorsport owner Norbert Brückner also becomes a partner of CVPG while Bernd Schneider and Bernd Mayländer continue to act as patrons for the successful racing team. In addition, the Zwippgruppe continues to be close with the management.

Under its new name, the company is set to extend its racing activities. Christian Voß and his men are working on input for the race team as well as for various kart events. The team also continues to be in contact with the renowned HTP structure and supports Luzi Trefs this year with his entrance in the ADAC GT4 Germany. In 2020, CV Performance Group will also take the next step and plans the entry of their own GT race car.

The CV Performance Group Team will be back on track this weekend for the Round 3 of the WSK Super Master Series at La Conca with reigning FIA Karting World Champion Lorenzo Travisanutto in OK and rising talent from Germany Arthur Tohum in OK Junior.

Info: CV Performance Group

Editing: Guillaume Alvarez

Photos: Alex Vernardis / The Racebox